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Skylar Rene

Kicking My Stepbrother’s Ass

Skylar regularly works out with her stepbrother Ed but this time, his secret fantasy is about to get REAL! After grabbing his phone to check the time, Skylar finds a whole folder filled with pictures of herself scissoring men in skimpy outfits that she had done for ScissorFoxes. Totally shocked, she turns to her stepbrother and demands an explanation. As he mumbles his words to find one, she grabs his head and sticks it between her thighs. “If you want to be scissored, oh I’ll scissor you.” Before he knows it, he’s living out his ultimate fantasy but, what he didn’t expect is to experience the full wrath of his super strong stepsister. “Have you been knocked out before? Maybe I should be your first.” she says before unleashing a slew of back-to-back knockouts. He barely has time to come to as she puts him into the next scissor hold. She randomly takes pictures of him getting crushed between her thighs to add to his collection. She then shows him an up close and personal view of her ass as she sits on his face and stays there until he runs out of air. After the 5th knockout, she decides to end his fantasy come true with a big finale and locks him up in her favorite hold; the reverse. She grabs his hand and puts it on her ass and says “Feel it!” right before knocking him out one last time. The reality is always be careful what you wish for.

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