Deadly Sin

Knocking Out The Boss

Sin loves her job but her boss is a complete chauvinist pig. She always catches him glancing at her legs but who can blame him. She does like wearing short skirts and showing them off. What really ticks her off is she received her annual review and only got a $1000 salary increase. After all she’s done for her loser boss and his company, she decides to confront him. She tears up the review in front of him and as he tries to pick it up to explain his decision, Sin puts him in his place; right between the legs he admires. She LOVES squeezing men between her thighs! It really turns her on. She slowly starts peeling away her clothing and while she has him in a reverse headscissor, she hikes her skirt up so that he can see that he isn’t the only hard ass in the office. She finally sticks him in the tightest figure-4 she’s ever applied and forces him add a zero to her raise. She then flexes her bulging calf muscle, cutting off his circulation until he’s knocked out good. From now on, he’ll know who the real boss is around the office. (Note: This video was previously sold on Sin’s Clips4sale store which is no longer active.)

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