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Goddess KO 2.0

Knockout Cam

Goddess KO 2.0 really shows off her true power and dominance in this real life session with her boyfriend. The last KO is one of the most brutal ones we’ve seen to date. She gets really creative and captures some amazing close-up reactions and knockouts with her own phone, which is shown via Picture-in-Picture. There are multiple extreme knockouts leading up to the last one, including a figure-4, front, triangle and sleeper-hold which really has him snoring. She also uses our Pressure Gauge system to determine how long he can hold out before taking a nap or frantically panicking and tapping out. Between holds, she enjoys riding and shaking her booty in his face, making him tap for “mommy”. Now back to the last KO…she applies another triangle on the bed and when she sees him slipping away and releases him, he falls off the bed and knocks his head on the floor, tossing over a bunch of stuff in the room. Goddess KO 2.0 really has a knack for knockouts, and she happily uses them on her boyfriend without any hesitation as you will see. Enjoy!

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