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Knockout Collar

We decided to take our Shock Collar series up a notch. Originally, the victim was punished with hard squeezes every time he touched the girl’s legs, sometimes leading to a knockout. Now, with the right girl capable of doing knockouts on demand, the victim will automatically be KOd any time he touches her legs. Persuasion was the perfect choice to kick off this new series. Check out her top-selling video “Knockout Machine 16” to see what we’re talking about. Her scissors are some of the most dangerous we’ve had on our site. Right from the beginning of this video, you know it’s going to be crazy intense. Persuasion has him yelling and begging her to let go as she tries to knock him out with a classic headscissor. After he yells “cut” numerous times, she spins around and knocks him out in a reverse headscissor within seconds. As he wakes up in a haze, he accidentally touches her leg, so Persuasion knocks him out again. She really fucks with him throughout this entire session. He does his best to try and resist touching her legs, but she grips on so tight that he’s unable to breathe. She ends up knocking him out 7 times. The best is at the end when she has him in a reverse, and she really wants to put him out again. She grabs his hand and makes him touch her ass, and she instantly pours on the pressure until our poor victim slips into scissor heaven one last time. Let us know how you like this new series and who you would like to see do it next. Enjoy!

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