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Siren Thorn

Knockout Machine 13

You have to be very careful as to who you allow unrestricted knockouts to, but, that’s what makes the Knockout Machine so much fun for the girls. We have worked with Siren Thorn for many years, dating back to 2013 and her scissors are the stronger now than they’ve ever been. As many of the greats, don’t let her size fool you. They’re usually the most lethal ones. Believe or not, Siren knocks Jay out within the first 15 seconds of the video. She barely gives him time to recover before clamping down again and trying to beat the knockout record held by Sadie Rose. She comes really close, getting a total of 12 KOs (almost 13) which is still quite the achievement for a 10-minute session. Her reverse and figure-4 headscissors are her main methods of putting him out but her sleeper hold is total perfection. Jay isn’t a fan of sleeper holds and doesn’t get knocked out easily by them (not quickly anyway) but Siren was so excited to show him just how good she is. Within seconds, he’s completely out and practically drooling. This Knockout Machine is very intense and Siren Thorn proves to be one of the best at it. Highly recommended!

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