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Dolly Fitprincess

Knockout Machine 15

Please take a good look at Dolly’s incredible muscular legs and imagine the kind of damage they can do. Her videos are amazing, but we really wanted her to push the limits and show off her full potential. We challenged her to do a “Knockout Machine” video where she knocks her victim out as many times as she could or that she felt comfortable doing, and let’s just say she nailed it. Not only did she knock him out 5 times in this session, but you can tell she really enjoyed doing it. She’s even more cocky in this video, telling her victim that he should have never doubted her and that she will knock him out many more times. The pain this man suffers is excruciating, and if he’s not yelling in pain, he’s out in scissor heaven. This is definitely Dolly’s best video yet and really shows why they call her the Fit Princess. Enjoy!

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