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Megan Jones

Knockout Machine 17

As Megan points out, it’s been a while since Jay has felt the wrath of her thighs and she was extremely excited to participate in our newest hit series “Knockout Machine”. Right from the get-go, Megan knocks him right out cold with a reverse headscissor off the couch. It’s a real intense KO and a preview of what is yet to come. She then puts him in a classic headscissor and makes him squirm so bad, he taps and yells “I give” repeatedly, but Megan just grabs his wrists and says with authority “You don’t give”. She then performs back-to-back figure-4 knockouts, which even had our camera woman Venus nervous. Jay wakes up to Megan’s big breasts hanging in front of his face. “What a view to wake up to” she says. Megan then proceeds to knock him out a couple more times with her reverse, which she assures is a guaranteed knockout move. Finally, she knocks him out 2 more times with front headscissors. “You’re getting exactly what you deserve” are her last words before his final KO. As he wakes up, she’s striking a victory pose above and stomps his stomach with her foot, demanding him to tell his friends. Megan Jones truly is a Knockout Machine, and we highly recommend you check this out!

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