Santino Corleone

Knockout Machine 19

Years of pole dancing is very evident in this video, as Santino easily knocks Jay out 10 times in under 10 minutes. What you’re going to love about this video is how quickly she’s able to knock him out and how brutal they are. In many of the KOs, she doesn’t unlock her grip until his body is making involuntary movements or convulsing. After the first knockout, she locks him back into her reverse headscissor and asks him if he’s scared, and before he’s able to answer, she says: “You should be.” Her thighs squeeze his neck so tight, you can tell there’s absolutely no room to breathe. Santino is relentless and knocks him out over and over again using a variety of scissor holds. At the end, she even makes him pray to God right before putting him out once again with her lethal reverse. Santino is no doubt a Knockout Machine with those incredibly strong legs and we highly recommend this video.

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