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Bianca Blance

Knockout Machine 2

Let’s just start by saying Bianca is freaking awesome! She emailed us a couple of weeks ago and told us that she has this video where she knocks out one of her clients 4 times in a row with her reverse and asked us if we wanted to feature it on ScissorFoxes. We were like “HELL YEAH WE DO!” So she sends it to us and we were blown away! It’s so extreme and so hot but it’s only 3 minutes long and our videos are typically at least 10 minutes. So we emailed Bianca back and asked her if she can make a continuation so that the video matches our other ones. The very next day, she sends us a video and once again, we were so impressed. She’s rocking a different outfit, adds 2 more locations for a total of 3 and uses a different victim, which is pushed beyond his limits and gets knocked out twice from her reverse headscissors. We were speechless. Bianca knows exactly what we and our fans are looking for. Watch just how terrified he is! Bianca has him screaming and tapping like a mad man as she applies full pressure in each scissor hold. You can tell that she loves every second of it. Bianca is a true Knockout Machine with one of the most lethal reverse headscissors out there! We highly recommend this video and that you book your session now!

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