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Andrea Rosu

Knockout Machine 20

After countless requests over the years, the wait is over. Andrea Rosu is finally on ScissorFoxes! We strive on featuring the most lethal women with the strongest thighs, and after one look at Domina Andrea, it’s obvious that those legs were built to obliterate men. Can you imagine having those massive muscular thighs constricting your neck? It’s no wonder she can easily KO a man within seconds. Once she locks those ankles, there’s literally no more space left. She treats Eddie like her knockout practice toy, knocking him out over and over again in various scissor holds. We counted 10 KOs in total, and some of them are quite brutal. The last knockout, she doesn’t even cross her ankles and just has his neck between her calf and her thigh. To top it off, her trash talking is so dominant. She makes sure he knows his place as she smacks him around and shakes her booty in his face. Andrea Rosu is the real deal and a true Knockout Machine. You don’t want to miss this!

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