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Jolene Hexx

Knockout Machine 22

It’s hard to find male victims who are willing to suffer through multiple knockouts. We’ve been wanting Jolene to do a Knockout Machine for a while now, and we finally found a sucker who was brave enough to feel her full wrath. He’s a small guy, which Jolene was easily able to lock on a figure-4 bodyscissors. She is simply ferocious in this session. Not only does she knock him out numerous times, comes close to cracking his ribs and has him begging for a break, but she completely destroys him verbally. We’ve said this before, but she is by far one of the best trash talkers out there, and between having your melon trapped in her lethal thighs and being harshly humiliated with her words, Jolene will have you feeling like the inferior weakling she loves to torment. This guy never stood a chance and is lucky she didn’t pop his head off. Her videos are always highly entertaining, and we love having her on ScissorFoxes. We know you’ll enjoy this one.

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