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Knockout Machine 23

Unfortunately, most of you will never know the true power of Firestorm’s scissors unless she one day decides to offer sessions. She is a human vise and gets more vicious with every shoot. She got a little too excited when we gave her the scoop of our Knockout Machine series, giving her the green light to get as many KOs in 10 minutes. Firestorm was eagerly ready and warned Jay before shooting that she wasn’t going to hold back. He was terrified by this comment, but there was no turning back at this point, and as promised, she delivered big time! 15 total knockouts plus a few close calls and some crazy twitching makes this one of our most intense Knockout Machines to date. To say her legs were built for squeezing is an understatement. This girl’s fitness regime is one of a kind and her inner thigh muscles are highly developed, which is why she can easily knock someone out on demand. Maybe one day she’ll offer sessions and you’ll be able to experience her leg strength for yourself, getting knocked out over and over again like Jay in this video. But beware because once she has your neck locked in her thighs, there’s no turning back. Jay tried quitting a couple of times, but she wasn’t allowing it. Firestorm was determined to beat the KO record and managed to tie it. Highly recommended!

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