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Goddess BBGRL

Knockout Machine 27

Get ready because our latest Fox will knock your freaking socks off! Former soccer player, cheerleader and now, a weightlifter fanatic, Goddess BBGRL is about to become your new favorite scissor girl. She shows absolutely no mercy towards her boyfriend, who is literally twice her size (5’5″ 135 lbs vs 6’0″ 265 lbs). Goddess BBGRL actually has him drooling between her thighs from pushing him way past his limits. And you want to talk about knockouts? There are plenty of them in here, but the last 2 take the cake. This big guy ends up shaking and convulsing so bad and for so long, we couldn’t believe our eyes. Goddess BBGRL’s reverse headscissors are one of the tightest we’ve ever seen, and her sculpted athletic legs are without a doubt inescapable. The final KO is her simply pinning his neck under her shin while she strikes a victory pose. He’s out within seconds, but doesn’t wake up for what feels like forever. Goddess BBGRL is definitely a Knockout Machine and be sure to check out this video and all of her other videos on her stores listed here. Stay tuned for more!

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