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Domina Ava Savage

Knockout Machine 4

Domina Ava Savage is back on ScissorFoxes and more ruthless than ever! She has also decided to no longer wear a mask and reveal that sexy face. She is the total package. She was a perfect candidate for our latest series “Knockout Machine”. She’s more than capable to knock someone out at will with those muscular thighs and buns of steel. We also like the knockouts to be a little more extreme in these videos so we asked Ava to hold the scissors a little longer once Jay was out. She held him very long in a figure-4 KO for about 15 seconds before releasing him. This turned out really bad for him but great for the video. There’s 6 knockouts in total and a few of them are quite brutal. Ava holds him out for a very long time and his recovery from them are pretty harsh. Needless to say, we asked and she delivered. If you like crazy KOs by super fit hotties, you’re in for a real treat. Buckle in and enjoy this SAVAGE ride because you may be next.

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