Pamela Strong

Knockout Machine 7

Do we have a treat for you! Pamela is not only smoking hot, but she’s also a Knockout Machine. Her fit and muscular legs are perfectly built to put any man out. After toying with her prey and wrestling around for a few minutes, she goes into knockout mode and starts ignoring his taps. She ends up knocking her opponent out almost back-to-back for a total of 8 times! Once she latches on and flexes, her leg muscles explode and constrict until he goes to sleep. She knocks him out in a front, figure-4, classic, and of course her reverse headscissor. She barely lets him wake up before she either sits on his face, slaps him, or pushes him around and demands that he wrestles her. At one point, it looks as though he’s trying to run away, but Pamela won’t have it. She’s determined to get as many knockouts as she can and show the world what she’s capable of. This video is certainly a top tier and one for the collection. Pamela is indeed a KNOCKOUT MACHINE!

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