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Mistress Amazon

Knockout Machine!

Knockouts are definitely one of the most popular aspects of scissors and the longer they are held, the more gruesome the outcome is. Well, in our 15 years in business, we’ve never seen knockouts this brutal before. You’ll understand why we named Mistress Amazon the Knockout Machine. Her thighs look devastating and she has no problem knocking out her victim within seconds. The insane part is that she actually holds him in her scissors while he’s out for about 30 seconds every time without thinking twice about it. Watch him twitch while her thighs keep him locked in her vice. When she finally lets him go, his whole body goes into a full convulsions. You just can’t act that. This is sadism at its finest. Mistress Amazon shows no mercy and knocks him out 6 times in this video!! She holds him under for 31 seconds in a front headscissor, 29 seconds in a figure-4, 31 seconds and 33 seconds in a back-to-back reverse, 28 seconds in an across-the-throat scissor and lastly 13 seconds in a reverse classic. As entertaining as it is to watch, it is very risky and can potentially cause brain injury. Would you be brave enough to stick your neck between Miss Amazon’s thighs? Watch this video before making your final decision as it may be your last. Enjoy!

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