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Siren Thorn

Knockouts-On-Demand 3

When we last worked with Siren Thorn, she said she really enjoyed doing the Knockout Machine and wanted to do another one. We told her that we normally don’t repeat series with the same model, but we had something very similar that she would definitely love. We call it Knockouts-On-Demand, and she can still knock him out as much as she wants. The only real difference is she would have to show off her knockout skills by calling them out right before she did them. She smirked and said no problem. She then asked if she could hold the knockouts a little longer to make them more brutal. Jay, who was already terrified, shook his head “NO” but his wife Venus, our camerawoman, nodded “YES” so it was 2 against 1. This is definitely one of Siren’s most extreme videos, with a total of 13 knockouts and shocking amounts of panic to the point that Jay had to yell “Cut” multiple times. We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again, Siren Thorn’s scissors are by far some of the strongest in the industry. Don’t let her size fool you because you will regret it all the way to scissor dreamland.

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