KO Girl


Kortney Olson is a Powerhouse who has been part of Mixed Wrestling for many years. She has helped many women and crushed many men. Ever since we worked with her back in 2009 and got to know her on a personal level, we knew she was very special. Her quads of steel are simply legendary and the damage they can cause, well, see for yourself. We called this video Knockouts-On-Demand because Kortney has fine-tuned her scissors, and with full control of her muscles, can make a man drift off to dreamland on command. This KO session features multiple knockouts (at least 9) using her massive quads, some even from a standing position, others with a sleeper hold and lastly using her feet. She gets quite the kick out of seeing her opponent go limp from her powerful constrictors. Also, fighting back is not an option. Kortney will manhandle you with ease and knock you out just to show you who’s in charge. You don’t want to miss this!

Kortney needs our help. She has suffered a severe injury in a session and needs surgery. Click here for more information and to donate. Every dollar counts.

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