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KO Girl

Leg Day 6

Bad news, Kortney’s gym is closed and today is Leg Day. The good news is her roommate’s head is the perfect size for her to complete her workout. She persuades him to sit on the floor, which she then traps his head between her big muscular legs and starts using his neck as her personal thigh master. This guy is barely the size of one of Kortney’s legs. His head is completely engulfed by her muscles as it slowly starts turning purple from lack of oxygen. Kortney performs all sorts of scissor holds, utilizing different muscle groups to maximize her workout. In the meantime, her roommate is barely hanging in there as the pressure keeps increasing. There are a couple of times when he starts nodding off and Kortney catches him mid-knockout. Suffice it to say, being her thigh master is much tougher than you can imagine but certainly a dream job for many of you. Any volunteers?

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