Siren Thorn

Life in Scissors 7

Siren Thorn is here to finish what Sadie Rose started in “Life in Scissors 6”. As roommates, they take turns scissoring their slave, who has been tied up and suffering the wrath of their leg scissors for months. It’s a shock that he’s still alive. Siren goes all out on him, knocking him out 6 times. This can also be one of her hottest videos yet with those sexy thigh high stocking, knee-high leather boots that squeak every time she locks on her grip and her booty has never looked so hot wearing those micro shorts and applying numerous reverse headscissors while pulsating her cheeks. Siren also reminds her leg prisoner how helpless he is to both her and Sadie’s power, and that he will never be free again. He will serve a life sentence between their legs, getting crushed and knocked out over and over again. Siren gets him bucking like crazy between her tight scissors. We’ve said it before, but her scissors just keep getting stronger and if you like loads of panic, knockouts and female domination, this video is for you.

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