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Foxxy Doll

Lights Out 5

Believe or not, Foxxy Doll’s “Knockout Overload” is one of our top selling videos. We are just as shocked as you. I guess the fantasy of being scissorred and knocked out repeatedly by a “scissor” doll with no conscious was too good to resist. Well here comes her second solo video and this time, she holds all of the cards. They’re both lying in bed comfortably and his hands and feet are tied up behind him. Because Foxxy doesn’t need to eat or sleep, she can truly hold him locked in her scissors night after night for as long as she wants. At first, this may seem like a dream come true but after being knocked out dozens of times and realizing that she’s actually capable of holding you there indefinitely, you’ll see why her buyer starts panicking. He didn’t know what he was getting himself into and now it’s too late. He’s her prisoner and his only hope is that she let’s him go before he starves or someone comes to his rescue and finds him in this embarrassing predicament. This video is over 14 minutes long as has 10 knockouts but who knows how many more she will do or how long she will keep him locked in her leg prison. Check out these links if you’re interested in purchasing a doll: SEX DOLL America and SEX DOLL Canada. Remember, the doll must be placed into position and is not robotic. We also added her dialogue to the video. Feel free message us or their suppliers if you have any questions.

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