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Miss Jasmine

Live Zoom Meeting Session

There’s been a lot of embarrassing moments caught on camera during Zoom meetings but nothing more so than this one. Miss Jasmine was bored, so she decided to ambush Jay’s meeting and have a wrestling session in front of his coworkers. She casually puts him in a sleeper hold and bodyscissors as he struggles to shut off his monitor. You can hear his coworkers’ laughter coming from his laptop’s speakers as he turns red from humiliation and lack of oxygen. Miss Jasmine continues to scissor him in front of his colleagues, making sure they get a great view of him clearly getting overpowered by a girl. She even knocks him out numerous times, over and over again, which gets an even bigger reaction from the entertained crowd. He’ll never be able to live this down. No matter how hard he tries, he can’t escape Jasmine’s firm grasp, and the giggles in the background certainly take a toll on his ego. To top it off, Miss Jasmine hints that this can happen again at any time. We know you’ll enjoy this as much as his coworkers did.

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