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Amazonia J

Man Breaker

Get ready for Amazonia J, an IFBB Pro Figure from Montreal, who stands at 5’8″, weighing in at 180 pounds and yes, she does offer sessions. This girl is a beast, an amazing trash talker, and a complete Man Breaker! Her opponent Judoboy, who’s about twice her age and almost half her size (5’2″, 115 lbs.) is lucky to come out of this alive. We called this match “Man Breaker” because she nearly breaks every bone is his body, scissoring not only his head, neck and torso, but also his arms and legs. He screams in agonizing pain, begging her to stop, but Amazonia J smiles at the camera, flexing her biceps and enjoys watching him squirm in misery. Her solid muscular thighs are bigger than his head and the stuff she says to him is some of the best verbal lashing that we’ve ever heard. Thanks to Francois from Fightingirls for introducing us and filming this match. At the time of this release, she will be touring soon, so make sure to check this out and book a session with her before it’s too late. Good luck 🙂

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