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Foxxy Doll

Military Fembot

Now here’s a situation you may have never thought yourself fantasizing about, but what if the military had created these captivity fembots. You’ve been captured, wrists and ankles restrained behind you, then your neck is placed between the legs of the fembot and locked tight to serve a life sentence. This fembot is fully capable of cutting off your air supply, knocking you out at will, or even popping your head off if necessary. Foxxy has a solid steel skeleton covered in rubber-like muscle tissue, which actually sucks the neck deeper into the grip the more you try and pull your neck away. Like a boa constrictor, the more you struggle, the tighter it gets. The fembot is programmed to regularly knock her prisoner out in order to keep him subdued. Watch him go into full panic mode as he soon realizes that life in between these legs is actual hell. She’s able to precisely stop his breathing, causing him to buck for his life. Unfortunately for him, he’s got 100 lbs of fembot strapped to his neck and his movements only get him deeper into her grip and subjected to more frequent knockouts. Can you survive a life sentence in Foxxy’s leg prison?

Check out these links if you’re interested in purchasing a doll: SEX DOLL America and SEX DOLL Canada. Remember, the doll is not robotic and must be placed into position but does have a very tight grip. We also added her dialog in this video. Feel free to message us or their suppliers if you have any questions.

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