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Tyler Dare

Mistress in Charge 2

Tyler manages to get her boss to hang out after work and come to her place. He has no idea what’s in store for him. You see, he’s been taking advantage of her and making her work twice as hard for half the pay. Well things are about to change! Tyler steps out of the room for a moment and comes back wearing a very sexy latex leotard and sheer knee high boots. WOW! Her boss is in shock and has never imagined in a thousand years that he’d see this side of Tyler. Her thigh muscles are just bulging as she walks over to him. Now the fun begins as Tyler demonstrates just how qualified she really is. She locks his puny neck between her muscular legs and reminds him of his terrible behavior at work. She then starts with some demands such as more pay and vacation time but she’s squeezing him so tight that he can’t even respond. Instead, she tells him to tap if he agrees which is pretty much a guarantee since she’ll only squeeze harder if he doesn’t. During this bargaining process, Tyler actually knocks him out twice (almost a 3rd time) by accident. At one point, the poor guy is actually shaking. She takes a little pity on him but then it’s back to the negotiations. By the end, Tyler gets what everything she wants and you better believe her boss will be treating her with a lot more respect at work. Otherwise, another reminder may be required.

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