Sadie Rose

My Dom Ex-Girlfriend 4

Sadie is so hot and loves being dominant. Her ex actually had to break things off because she was too rough with him. A couple of years later, she is shocked to see him blindfolded at her place of work, waiting to be dominated by another woman. Sadie hijacks the session and gives him the surprise of a lifetime. If he thought she was rough with him back then, just wait until he feels just how stronger Sadie’s legs have become since. At first, he doesn’t know who it is, but her voice sounds familiar. She removes the blindfold and unleashes her true power. She is so thrilled to make him beg for mercy and catch him up on what he missed out. She has him screaming and agony, knocking him out repeatedly for her pleasure. His hands and feet are tied, so there’s nowhere to run. It’s just Sadie and her ex hashing things out the best way she knows how. After plenty of tears and multiple knockouts, Sadie asks him if he still misses her and loves her. With his head still trapped in her vise, what do you think his response is?

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