Mallory Loxx

Natural Born Executioner

THIS JUST IN! A tall, attractive woman has been traveling from city to city, taking men then scissoring them with her legs. Once she’s done with them, she breaks their necks, again, using her legs. The marks on the victim’s necks signifies that she has very strong thighs capable of unimaginable crushing power. A psychologist suggests that this act gives her erotic pleasure and as a result, the slayings will become more frequent. She has already claimed the lives of 14 men. She goes by the name of Mallory Loxx. She stands at 5’11”, very fit and has brown hair with blonde highlights. We have recovered this footage showing her executing one of her victims. Make sure to watch it so you can identify her. If you spot Mallory, don’t be a hero. Call 911 and run!

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