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Queen Jennifer Marie

Officer Naughty

There’s a reason that Queen Jennifer is known as Officer Naughty at her precinct. She gets all of the cases that deal with pervs because she knows EXACTLY how to handle them. First off, her uniform is unlike anyone else’s for good reason. The extremely short skirt and fishnets easily draw in the perv. They simply can’t resist her. Next, Jennifer’s fitness and special combat training comes into play as she uses her strong athletic thighs to subdue the males and restrain them. She much prefers this over handcuffs. It really demeans them and gives her a chance to teach them a valuable lesson. Some of her other favorites include facesitting and ball grabbing, all of which gets her the results she wants. If all else fails, she simply shows them exactly what a woman’s legs are capable of and puts them to sleep with a very tight squeeze. In the end, they usually come out with a new respect for women and this is why Officer Naughty is your #1 cop.

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