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Nikki Next


Nikki Next can be very mean when she wants to be and in this video, she gives herself motivation to be EXTRA mean. Every time she makes Jay tap, she transfers money from his account to hers using his phone. If you’ve ever felt her scissors, you know just how ridiculously strong they are. For her size, it doesn’t even make sense the power that she possesses. With money on the line, he tries his best to resist tapping but her scissors are more than any man can handle. Watch as she has him slapping her legs like a mad man, sometimes holding it a lot longer for her pleasure…and the extra cash. Slowly but surely, she drains his bank account with every devastating squeeze. Midway through, she squeezes a little too hard in a side reverse (a very effective KO hold) and knocks him out before he even has the chance to tap. Oops! Well, it’s something that she’s very used to. If you’re a big fan of panic and a very sadistic Nikki Next, then this is the video for you.

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