Skylar Rene

Pole Dance Scissor Erotica

We can all agree that Skylar Rene is incredibly sexy, but this video takes it to a whole new level. Your jaws will drop to the floor when you watch her sway her body from side to side, performing a seductive pole dance. This poor fella is about to find out just how strong a pole dancer’s legs are after tipping her a measly dollar. Skylar pins his head against the pole and grinds her ass in his face. She then applies a reverse headscissor, locking onto his neck and the stripper pole at the same time. He definitely didn’t see that coming. Afterwards, she brings him to an open space where she continues to torment him viciously but erotically, with a series of scissors, facesitting and chest smothering while being pinned in a grapevine. She makes him give her more money as he struggles desperately for air. Watch her knock him out with a figure-4 then do a booty dance in his face as he slowly comes to. He may of thought that was her final trick, but he was so wrong. Skylar is about to show him what her reverse headscissors are capable of, but before putting him to sleep, she warns him that the least amount he can give her from now on are hundreds. With that said, she applies the pressure until he’s completely out. Skylar unlocks her grip and returns to the pole to continue her erotic dancing. This is definitely one of her sexiest videos yet and you’d be crazy not to check it out.

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