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Bianca Blance

POV: Italian Knockout

This is as crazy as it gets! True story: This was actually the first video Jay filmed with Bianca, and after you watch this, you’ll completely understand why he asked her to ease up in the following videos. No one could have prepared Jay for what he was about to go through. He’s been scissored by hundreds of women, and Bianca has by far one of the strongest scissors he’s ever experienced. She brings him to the brink of insanity, pushing him way past his limits, ignoring his frantic taps, desperate pleas and relentless begging. You’ll also notice how many times Jay pinches her leg, which is kind of his safe word to ease up, but does Bianca listen? You’ll have to see to find out. After completely destroying him with her front headscissors, she spins around and applies a reverse and OMG! She knocks him out big time within seconds. I guess she wanted to show Jay exactly what she’s capable of. Anyone who’s experienced Bianca’s scissors can definitely relate. I know this analogy gets thrown around a lot, but Bianca actually has vise grips for legs. His genuine reactions say it all. She knocks him out again at the end, which makes his body twitch and causes him total confusion. Let’s not forget the icing on the cake, the bonus POV footage, which puts you right in the hot seat. Bianca ends the video by making the viewer kiss her bicep and her ass, then stands on Jay’s chest for a victory pose. This is truly one of the most intense videos we’ve ever featured. Enjoy!

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