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Kaliana Krusher

POV: KO Countdown

Kaliana is a total powerhouse and a burst of energy. When she has your neck trapped between her muscular thighs, she focuses that intense energy straight to her scissors and doesn’t stop squeezing until your face has turned into her favorite color purple. She also loves showing off her fit physique and makes her boy toys feel her quads as she flexes them around their throats. Experience what it’s like to be trapped by Kaliana’s KRUSHERS in this super HOT POV session. She gives everything she’s got and more. At the end, she counts down from 10 at full pressure, knocking him out about halfway through, but she doesn’t let go until she reaches 1. This moment is also replayed in the POV view. Kaliana then stomps on his chest and strikes a victory pose. Who’s ready to be KRUSHED?

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