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Deadly Sin

Power of Persuasion

Sin LOVES having power over men and being in control. You’re about to witness a young man who has no other choice but to forfeit his neck to her thighs. He quickly realizes this when he enters his bedroom expecting his wife but instead sees her laying on his bed wearing an incredibly sexy skimpy outfit. Totally shocked, he demands to know where his wife is. She sends him a picture text of his wife in captivity to his phone. She now orders the husband to surrender himself to her strong legs if he ever wants to see her again. He must take all the pain she dishes out or it’s goodbye forever for his wife. Sin can be very evil but she has an extreme scissor addiction and she’ll do ANYTHING to make a man her scissor slave! Towards the end, she tests his love by giving him one minute to get out of her scissorhold or his wife gets it. The task is impossible but she enjoys watching him really struggle and fight for her life. Time runs out and she decides to end his life instead and with a violent snap of her thighs, he is gone. Now that’s one cruel sexy bitch!

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