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Cheyenne Jewel

Pressure Gauge: Cruel Punishment!

Cheyenne is a scissor machine and is well known for her powerful thighs so we thought we’d put them to the test in our Pressure Gauge. Wow…she really showed us! She knocked Jay out twice (once in a rear naked choke and the other in a front headscissor) He didn’t stand a chance. Once she wrapped her strong meaty thighs around him, it was game over. The panic is really intense and only progresses as she increases the pressure. Jay spends almost 4 minutes in her reverse headscissor at the beginning and that’s when he realized he was in BIG trouble! Her legs are rock solid and there is ABSOLUTELY NO ESCAPE! He tries to tap out but the rule is to make it to at least 80% of her strength. The only other way out is to PASS OUT, something Cheyenne loves to make people do.

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