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Pressure Gauge: FBB Power!

This was actually the first video we shot with Trinity and the very first time she’s ever knocked anyone out before. Her reaction is priceless. She went from being very concerned to very happy and excited. This video really shows what an FBB is capable of. Because of her extremely large thighs, she’s barely able to straighten her legs so she has to rely on sheer power to crush his poor little skull. He’s engulfed in rock solid muscles and the immense pressure is completely unbearable. He’s barely able to handle 40% of her power. She does go higher a few times against his will (even going to 100% in her first hold) only to see him bucking and begging to be released. Trinity barely makes it to 50% in her rear naked choke before her victim falls into a deep sleep. She doesn’t notice that he’s twitching so Venus (our camera woman) had to let her know that he’s out. “Is he ok?” she says with great concern but once she’s reassured, she starts laughing hysterically. This was quite the experience for Trinity and we’re sure you’ll enjoy all the great moments in this Pressure Gauge.

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