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Amber Crush

Pressure Gauge: First Time KO!

So here’s what happened. Our latest Fox Amber was simply tagging along with her friend Alexa Fire to keep her company while she shoots more videos with us. After watching Alexa’s first video that we shot that day (coming soon), she was totally intrigued, but was worried that she would really hurt Jay if she used all of her power. We said, don’t worry, he does this all the time. So we showed her some holds and oddly enough, she held back a bit because she was scared of breaking his neck. We decided to shoot a Pressure Gauge and what Jay found out is how much she was holding back. The moment she put him in her first hold, he was shocked and terrified. This girl was right! She CAN easily break his neck! She put him through some of the most intense scissors we’ve ever seen! She bumped the pressure all the way to 100% even though he was screaming for her to stop. Alexa then pops in to egg her on and pin down one of his arms. The destruction continues, and he screams even louder, but nobody stops until she knocks him out! Alexa high-fives her and within seconds of waking up, he’s getting crushed again. This is certainly one for you PANIC and KO lovers. Check out Amber CRUSH!!!

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