Domina Ava Savage

Pressure Gauge: Knockout Machine!

Hold on to your pants because our latest Fox, Domina Ava Savage, is about to knock your socks off! Just to give you a little backstory, when she spoke to Venus on the phone to set up this shoot, Ava had asked if Jay was OK with being KO’d and Venus may have made the mistake of telling her that he actually enjoys them. This got her so excited since she’s never done videos before and really wanted to show the world her incredible power and skill. Needless to say, she did. She REALLY did! Jay had no clue what he was in for. As Ava says, they don’t call her SAVAGE for nothing! She knocks him out in almost every hold, one more intense than the last! She starts off with a front which doesn’t get a KO but gets her point across with loads of panic. Then on to the reverse, which gets her a partial KO. Now this is when she’s all warmed up and goes for the streak. She then warns him that Figure-4’s are her specialty. As he’s struggling to breathe, she cuts off his air supply and knocks him out. Ava also likes doing a victory pose after putting her victims out to show off her dominance. The next one is with a sleeper hold which is also her favorite. This one is certainly one of our top 5 KO’s by sleeper hold and takes a toll on Jay. He had to take a break as everyone was concerned for him, but minutes later, the show must go on. Ava gets him in a side scissor with her muscular inner thigh right on his artery, and puts him out AGAIN! She’s a machine, and with that comes the finale. The OH SO dangerous side reverse that shows off her incredible booty all while putting him in a deep slumber. Watch as his face goes crooked and his body twitches. Domina Ava Savage is super hot, in amazing shape, a burst of energy and loves to KO! She is the total package, so what the hell are you waiting for? Book your session today!

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Pressure Gauge: Knockout Machine! Preview Pic Pressure Gauge: Knockout Machine! Preview Pic Pressure Gauge: Knockout Machine! Preview Pic Pressure Gauge: Knockout Machine! Preview Pic

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