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Electra Steel

Pressure Gauge: Panic Frenzy!

Please welcome Electra Steel, our latest skull crusher whose legs are more than capable to make a grown man beg for his life. Sit back and enjoy as you’re about to witness Jay get pushed way past his limits, screaming for Electra to stop. Our new Fox simply laughs at him and continues to increase the pressure all the way to 100% despite his desperate pleas. Her years of weight lifting are clearly evident as she manages to make him cry without even locking her ankles together at times. That’s her just using pure thigh power and only a select few can pull this off. She also manages to get her first KO with a figure-4 headscissor. Without skipping a beat, she throws Jay back into her vise grip and makes him beg even harder in the next scissorhold. At one point, it gets so intense that our camerawoman Venus had to step in and stop the insanity. She could tell that Jay was past his limit and couldn’t take a second more of Electra’s scissors of STEEL! Lucky for you, she’s currently offering sessions so you can experience this for yourself. Good luck!

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Pressure Gauge: Panic Frenzy! Preview Pic Pressure Gauge: Panic Frenzy! Preview Pic Pressure Gauge: Panic Frenzy! Preview Pic Pressure Gauge: Panic Frenzy! Preview Pic

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