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Pressure Gauge: Scissor Legend

Who can survive Robin’s legendary scissors? Our Pressure Gauge videos can really show just how strong and how good one’s technique is. By this guy’s reaction, it’s quite clear just how incredible Robin’s scissors are. Her reverses are like a vice and it’s a miracle that anyone could survive them. In some of her scissors, he couldn’t even get passed 10% of her power. After a couple of holds, Robin warns him that her scissors only get stronger as her muscles get warmed up. This is not good for our poor victim as he can barely survive them now. Halfway through, she gets tired of him tapping so quickly and just starts ignoring them for longer periods of time. The more time that passes, the more she holds him in and the more intense it gets. By the last scissor, she doesn’t even let go and watches him beg and tap repeatedly, terrified that she won’t let go. After finally setting him free in which was probably the scariest moment of his life, she puts him in a schoolgirl pin, pinning his neck between her thigh and calf muscle. She jokes about putting him to sleep and before she knows it, he’s out…WAY OUT! It takes a while for him to come to but when he does, they both get a good laugh about it. Robin never ceases to amaze us!

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