Annie Rivieccio

Prisoner of War 13

Prisoner of War is one of our series that has some of the most panic and brutal knockouts ever since the first one we released. In fact, it says a lot when Jay won’t even do it with his hands tied behind his back. After filming the Pressure Gauge video with the FBB Goddess Annie Rivieccio, Jay was so terrified to do this video that he would only agree to do it if his hands were tied in front of him. Unfortunately for him, it didn’t seem to have made much of a difference. Annie knocks him completely out in the first scissorhold that she applies. This is not a good sign for him and there’s more where that came from. She’s determined to make him crack under pressure at all costs. Her bulging muscles constrict his head so tight, it’s a miracle he survives. She thrusts, pulsates and squeezes him with every ounce of energy that she’s got. Words cannot describe how scared Jay was throughout the 10 minutes of hell. The best is at the end when Annie puts him in a DEEP reverse headscissor for a 3rd time and goes for the knockout. Jay goes totally out and just as he’s waking up and mumbling to say that he was out, Annie says “AGAIN!” and pours on the pressure. Seconds later, he’s out for a 3rd time but she holds this one a few seconds extra, making sure the camera gets a good look at the man who she has just destroyed. He wakes up in a panic but Annie stomps her foot on his chest and strikes a victory pose. Now that’s domination at its best!

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