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Prisoner of War 15

Why would Jay put himself through this? If you’ve watched Firestorm’s previous video (ConTRAPtion 3), you know just how much damage her legs are capable of doing. She has the ability to cut off your air supply and knock you out at will or by accident. Those legs were built for scissoring so for Jay to do a Prisoner for War video with her while being hogtied is completely insane! Firestorm gets to push him past his limits whether he wants to or not and because he’s tied up, there’s no turning back. She takes full advantage and tightens up her grip until he’s begging her to stop. His face is purple and he tries to buck her off but she just ignores him and continues to test his threshold. The panic is so intense, you’re almost hoping she lets him go to breathe…but she doesn’t. Instead, she knocks him out 3 times just for her enjoyment. After all, it’s her job to break him down and that’s something that she loves to do. This is a brutal Firestorm video and there’s more to come!

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