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Prisoner of War 16

It’s really tricky choosing which type of video to do with Sadie Rose because her scissors are some of the strongest out there. Some of the videos we’ve done in the past with her were way too much for Jay to handle and had some of the most extreme panic to date. Prisoner of War is one of those videos which can go very wrong, very quickly. With Jay’s wrists and ankles tied behind him then giving Sadie instructions to push his limits, it’s a recipe for destruction. As annoying as it may be to hear Jay yell for his life, his desperation to breathe is as real as it gets. Sadie does exactly what she was hired to do and that is to make Jay regret that he ever volunteered to do this video, and boy does he ever! She gives him the full excruciating package, fully leveraging her long legs and collapsing his neck between her strong inner thighs. When he begs her stop, she informs him how much she hates quitters and clamps down even harder. She then covers his mouth with her hands making it impossible for him to breathe. We’ve never seen Jay so terrified! After asking Sadie for mercy one last time, she sticks him in a reverse and gives him full pressure until our camera woman had to tell her to stop since he’s been out for a while. Sadie Rose always delivers which is why she’s one of the greats. Although Jay might be hesitant, we can’t wait to see what she’ll do to him next.

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