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Prisoner of War 17

One of our most brutal series meets one of our most dangerous Foxes. Damazonia finally gets her turn to show her prisoner the true meaning of fear. The point of this session is to push her victim WAY past his limits and she does a fantastic job doing just that. With his hands and feet securely tied together, there’s no backing out now. Damazonia has so much fun with this and really enjoys watching her prisoner begging for his life while squirming between her long powerful thighs. Her figure-4 is the tightest in the business and she easily puts him out in seconds with it. Just look how she constricts leaving absolutely no breathing space. Damazonia uses everything in her arsenal to make his time spent in her leg prison memorable. He’ll never forget the rush and the terrifying events that she put him through. Of course, she wants to finish with a bang so she locks him in a tight reverse and lets him know that she’s going to knock him out. He begs her not to but it’s too late. Damazonia has clamped on and doesn’t stop until he’s out. His head smacks the floor. She stands up and strikes a victory pose with a huge smile on her face. Hopefully you’ll enjoy this as much as she did.

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