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Domina Ava Savage

Prisoner of War 19

This Prisoner of War is a back-to-back massacre that started with Bianca squeezing the living fear out of her prisoner, and now, Domina Ava Savage takes over and finishes what Bianca started just moments prior. Jay is still tied up, which makes any scissors more terrifying. Ava’s cruelty has no boundaries, as she puts him through excruciating punishment. She starts by sitting on his neck in the splits, letting her entire body weight crush his throat. She then makes him panic frantically with her reverse headscissor and reverse figure-4, which looks tight enough to turn boulders into dust. Her glutes are so muscular, it’s no wonder his face is so purple. She then does some hardcore breath play, using some HOM while he’s locked in her figure-4. After all of that, she decided to knock him out in a reverse headscissor. Domina Ava Savage laughs and strikes a victory pose. Can he survive any more? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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