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Jenna Preston

Prisoner of War 3

This is definitely Jenna Preston’s HOTTEST video yet! We planned it so that this was the only video she had to do that day, allowing her to use every ounce of energy punishing her victim and WOW did she ever do a number on him. This new torture resistance program requires the soldier to have his hands and feet tied together leaving him at the mercy of her punishing long legs. The panic she inflicts on him is borderline insane. Jenna was determined to take it up a notch from what Jennifer Scarpetta and Jennifer Thomas had started in the previous videos. There are plenty of over-the-top moments but the one that stands out is when she clamps on a reverse across the throat scissor, Jay immediately tries turning his head due to total breath lock down. When he realizes that he can’t budge, his whole body goes into a convulsion, begging to quit. After neglecting his wishes, Jenna finally gives in. Seconds later, she clamps on again, getting him in the perfect position. Out he goes in a REAL knockout! At the end, her figure-4 gets him freaking out again, begging to quit but this time, Jenna ignores him. She then shoves him back into a tight reverse and knocks him out again! How can any man survive this? It just isn’t right!

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