Cheyenne Jewel

Prisoner of War 5

The Prisoner of War series is for you PANIC addicts who just love to see a man helplessly tied up and tortured by the most dangerous pair of legs. Cheyenne has a reputation of squeezing so hard that you either tap out within seconds or pass out. Unfortunately for this maggot, his hands and feet are tied together so he can’t tap. He’s about to experience the full wrath of Cheyenne’s powerful legs and nothing can stop her. Right from the first schoolgirl pin, you know he’s really in for it. He struggles as the grip tightens. Those camo booty shorts are practically painted on her, showing off that amazing ass of hers when she puts him in a reverse headscissor. She then grabs her boot and cranks up a tight reverse figure-4. The real crazy panic comes when she puts him in a front scissor. He runs out of air and starts flipping out! I guess it doesn’t help that Cheyenne also covers his mouth a couple of times. Yes, she can be quite sadistic and the scissors can be real frightening but that’s what Prisoner of War training is all about. Enjoy!

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