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Professional Neck Breaker

It’s been a while since we released a Neck Breaker video, and we heard the fans loud and clear. More Neck Breakers! Well, virtually no one’s got a more lethal pair of scissors than Persuasion. We’ve previously described her as being comparable to Nikki Next. They are both petite but make no mistake, they’ll both have you panicking like you’ve never panicked before or have you drooling in dream land in a matter of seconds. Persuasion has made her mark in a short period of time, and now it’s time to show the full extent of her deadly legs. As a hired assassin, she hunts and breaks men’s necks with her most powerful assets, but not before having fun with them first. At times, she must SQUEEZE information from them using her vise-like grip, and when we say vise, it’s literally like sticking your neck in a steel vise as you will clearly see in this video. She may even knock them out by accident from time to time, which happens twice here. In the end, their fate is sealed. Persuasion is a professional neck breaker and leaves no man or woman alive. She locks him in a tight reverse headscissor and watches him plead for his life, asks him if he has any last words, then SNAP!!! Lights out forever!

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