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Ana Konda

Red HOT Session!

Great news! We are honored to feature more of this hot Canadian couple’s videos on ScissorFoxes. Ana Konda has graced us with some of the most ruthless yet intimate footage we’ve ever had. Her videos are among some of the most popular, and this one may be the HOTTEST one yet! Wearing a skimpy red laced lingerie, Ana Konda starts by roughing him up with her sexy feet. She then makes him kiss and worship her lethal thighs before locking him up between them. Her trash talk is among the best in this, as she tells him she wants to feel his throat close while watching his dick get hard. She repeatedly ignores his taps, loving every second as he grasps her thighs and fights for his life. She then sits on his face and shows absolutely no mercy. No matter how hard he tries to get a breath in, he ends up back wedged between her ass cheeks. “Nothing’s going to get you out of this” and demands that he tries to escape her insanely tight reverse figure-4 headscissors then laughs at his attempts. This video also features one of her first knockouts ever. Watch her crank up the pressure with a front headscissor, making him panic like never before, until he finally fades away. She is in shock and temporarily feels bad for her boyfriend, but that doesn’t last long. He’s back begging between her thighs and under her ass shortly after. This is highly recommended, and we got more Ana Konda coming, so stay tuned!

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