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Return of The Goddess

Get ready because we’re bringing it back to where it all started. Before ScissorFoxes, VenusGrip and ScissorPrincess, there was ScissorGoddess. She was mean, sexy and feisty. Luckily, she hasn’t changed one bit. After nearly 15 years, she is back and ready to kick some ass again! She struggled at first to find a volunteer to be her new squeeze toy but finally convinced a friend that had never been or even heard of scissors before. Fortunately, she captured all of his first reactions on her phone which are included in this awesome compilation. We’ve included 4 seperate sessions in one video. It starts with her explaining to her friend about her past and how she used to be called the ScissorGoddess. She then goes to show him why and places his head in a tight reverse, taunting and toying with him. The next segment is actually the first time she scissored him and wanted to see how much he can take. She squeezes and releases, adding pressure each time until he reaches his limits. Needless to say, he was shocked by her power. The 3rd part is where she gets down to business. Wearing knee high bitch boots and white lingerie, ScissorGoddess dares him to try and escape her grip. He does his best to try but fails every time. She laughs and says “Who’s your Goddess?” and makes him admit who’s stronger. In the final act, ScissorGoddess shows him her true colors and completely dominates him, making him worship her while she crushes him between her strong thighs. She even had to stop for a second as she heard his neck crack. Remember, he’s a newbie so as much as she would have loved to have knocked him out, she had to make sure he didn’t run away. She still manages to push his limits assuring he knew who’s in charge. At the end, he admits that there was no way he could ever get out. ScissorGoddess makes him kiss her ass and responds with a smile “Nobody does, I’m the ScissorGoddess baby”. Make sure to check this out and her Clips4Sale store for all of her older videos. So far, this is the only new scissor video she has released in nearly 15 years and we were lucky to get it. Hopefully it won’t be the last. Enjoy!

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