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Jolene Hexx

Scissor Chained

What better way to start the New Year than to be chained to a bench while Jolene has her way with you. Watch as she wraps her long, strong legs around his neck and torso like a python, squeezing him until he’s in complete agony. Tapping gets him nowhere as she ignores him and continues to add pressure until he’s red in the face. She even manages to trap him in a figure-4 bodyscissors, crushing his ribs to a pulp. Jolene holds nothing back, using the leverage of the bench to get maximum strength with her lethal scissors. She gives him numerous jolts of power to remind him who’s in control, and this wouldn’t be a Jolene Hexx video if it didn’t have her cruel trash talking. After crushing him mercilessly, she leaves him chained to the bench. Who knows? Maybe she’ll keep him there until next year.

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